FIGHTHYPE.COM – Percy Crawford | November 08, 2011

“I’m hungry to get back in there. I miss being in the light, man. I miss fighting, man, and I can’t wait for the 12th to get it on and get that feeling back…I’m excited to get back in there. The first couple of rounds might be a little bit awkward, but after that, it’s like I’m going to be at home. I know the ring inside and out and I’m going to take care of business…I have never been in the ring with anybody physically stronger than me, especially at 140 pounds. Casamayor is used to 135 and he’s moving up to 140. He has never felt anybody as strong as me…I’m on one of the biggest cards, if not the biggest card, this year as the co-main event. A lot of Manny Pacquiao fans and hardcore fans, they pretty much know me, but general people that don’t really watch boxing but when a big fight come on, they watch it, they gonna see who Timothy Bradley is. It is a great opportunity to showcase my talent,” stated jr. welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, who talked about his upcoming clash this Saturday with former champion Joel Casamayor on the undercard of Pacquiao vs. Marquez III. You don’t want to miss what he had to say about the fight, his eagerness to get back into the ring after the lengthy layoff, his future plans and much more. Check it out!