FIGHTHYPE.COM – Percy Crawford | December 14, 2011

“Khan was fouling. He was definitely fouling. He kept pushing, and it wasn’t like a little shove; it was a push, literally. And everybody can go back and say whatever they wanna say, but the footage is there. The film is there. You go back and watch the footage and see how much Khan pushed this guy up off of him. I could count 30 to 40 times he did that…I’ve always said that Amir fights at one speed, and that’s full speed the whole fight. He don’t know how to settle down and use his reach. He doesn’t know how to relax yet. He still has an amateur style where it’s offense, offense, offense. He never relies on defense, and defense will go a long way in a championship fight…I was like, man, this guy is straight basic. He’s just one-two, one-two, one-two-three-four. That was it; combinations, combinations and combinations. He wasn’t really trying to set up his shots to me…I’ve always known that Khan can’t take pressure…I would seriously do damage to that boy. It would be a good fight because he is very offensive, but a lot of that stuff he threw the other night would not hit me,’ stated WBO jr. welterweight champion Timothy Bradley, who shared his thoughts on last Saturday’s clash between Amir Khan and Lamont Peterson. You do not want to miss what else he had to say. Check it out!”