Bradley Dominates, Stops Casamayor in 8th – Mike Sloan | November 12, 2011

LAS VEGAS — It took quite a few rounds to take out the old grizzled veteran, but Timothy Bradley got the job done and scored a dominating stoppage over the biggest name on his resume thus far. The matchup was as lopsided as they come and Bradley was simply too quick and strong (see: young) for the 40-year old Joel Casamayor. The Californian systematically tore apart the Cuban and scored knockdowns in rounds five, six and eight and beat him so emphatically that Miguel Diaz had no option but to end the assault by throwing in the towel with a second left in the eighth.

Casamayor never protested.

Bradley implored a vicious body attack and beautiful counter punching upstairs and Casamayor could stop neither.