BOXINGTALK.COM – John McCormick | January 11, 2012

JM: You’ve been named as a possible option for Manny Pacquiao to fight next. What do you think your chances are of landing that fight?

Timothy Bradley: “I think my chances are big. The other opponents aren’t worth it. [Juan Manuel] Marquez has had enough chances [three fights vs. Pacquiao]. I already beat Lamont Peterson. I think [Miguel] Cotto is looking at [Julio Cesar Chavez] Chavez, and I doubt Cotto will fight at a catchweight or try and make 147 for the fight. I think I have a very good chance of landing the fight with Pacquiao.”

JM: If that fight did materialize, what do you see specifically in Pacquiao that you could exploit in the ring?
Timothy Bradley: “Pacquiao hasn’t been able to knock out his last three opponents. He hasn’t looked like he used to. Marquez showed the world that Pacquiao is definitely beatable. Marquez is 38, and Pacquiao was supposed to destroy him. That didn’t happen. All I know is that if I can take Manny’s punch, he would have a long night. All I need is one shot on the chin from him, if I can take his punch, it will be a very long night for him.”

JM: There has been some trash talk going on between Juan Manuel Marquez and yourself lately. If the Pacquiao fight falls through, would he be your next option?

Timothy Bradley: “Yeah, absolutely. I want to fight the best that is out there. Marquez is one of them. 2011 was an okay year, it wasn’t the best year. All these other guys are fighting three or four times a year, and I only fought twice in 2011. I didn’t enjoy that at all. The best part of 2011 was joining Top Rank. Marquez is definitely a fight…