Everyone’s a winner with the Tim Bradley Ultra Green Smoothie!

By now, everyone has heard the news that Tim Bradley is the new Welterweight Boxing Champion! Born in Cathedral City and trained in Indio, this humble, down-to-earth, family man became a champ and role-model, in part, by following a rigorous training and diet regimen. Three months before each fight, Tim maintains a strict, high-protein, vegan diet- yes, such a thing is possible, with a little help.

Tim has been eating at Palm Greens Café for the past four years, so when he asked for help in developing an appropriate organic menu, we were happy to help. In fact, a while back we had a small bet with Tim: “Win your next fight, and we’ll name a smoothie after you.” Of course, Tim won, so we created the Tim Bradley Ultra Green Smoothie, which has been a local favorite for some time.

Since we feel strongly that everyone deserves to be a winner, we decided to share the ingredients of Tim’s drink. This healthy meal replacement is equivalent to a 24-ounce steak in a glass. It was created to provide the physical stamina, concentrated energy, and intense focus needed to train like a champ and win.

Whether you’re working out at the gym, a job, at school, or around the house, you need the same type of nutrition that it takes to be a champ like Bradley.

What’s the key? That’s easy: Get your greens! Sadly, when the USDA published the latest food pyramid, they neglected to emphasize the importance of dark green leafy vegetables, which are full of protein. So when we put together Tim’s smoothie, we started with lots of protein-rich greens. Then we added highfiber and anti-oxidant foods, vitamin enriched natural supplements, and a few other health boosters to create this energy-packed mood stabilizer.

So now we are providing you with the ingredients to Tim’s smoothie (minus a couple of secrets, of course), and we invite you to get your greens and join the winning team. We hope you enjoy the health benefits and get creative with your smoothies, or just stop by and try one!

The Drink of Champions:

INGREDIENTS: Kale, Strawberries, Aloe Vera, Spinach, Apple Juice, Mint, Swiss Chard, Spirulina, Banana. Ginger, Blueberries, Probiotics. Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender (such as a Vitamix) until smooth. Top off with a sprig of mint. Enjoy!